Two first generation Chinese Americans met in UMCP, fell in love sharing the single American dream in pursuit of happiness.  Kelly and Tony Chu opened Red Orchids China Bistro in the autumn of 2002, taking on the family style Chinese American cuisine.  Our endeavor was to establish a dining experience that surrounds casual family lifestyles.  Like what our parents imprinted on to us the prospect of putting your best feet forward and seek perfection on what we value.  In doing so, over the years, Red Orchids has not only achieved many accolades as being the best of Charleston since 2003, a 17 year straight awards by the recognized the city paper of Charleston.  More so, our continuation of hard work constituted to being recognized as the top 50 best Chinese restaurant in the United States by Conde Nest traveler, MSNBC, and CNN are some of our prodigious’ awards. 

Recent years, Kelly Chu startup a micro creamy in Charleston named Cirsea.  Cirsea is word phonetically means as a “sweet surprising treat”, is an all-natural frozen treat endeavor.   This year, the James Beard Foundation was enlisted to find representation for North American for the World Gelato Tour which holds in Rimini, Italy.   With great honor, Cirsea won the North American representation for the world gelato tour, like a gelato Olympics, which held in Rimini, Italy.  World gelato tour brings all seven continents representatives showdown in September.  Rimini, Italy, here we go!  Very Exciting!

Never forget from our humble roots, our parents transplanted us here.  They started from remedial jobs like Washington post delivery to driving a little car across state lines and seek resource in providing life for family.  Endless 100 working hours just to put food on the table were our beginning days when our family landed here.   Every penny counts.  Every dinner with the family counts.   Dreams take time, patience, and belief.  We are ever so grateful for what we able to do and achieve.  In the land of the free and aspire because you can is our American Dream.